Peke Waihanga Christchurch: Empowering Amputees with State-of-the-Art Care

2023 New Christchurch Centre

Peke Waihanga’s new state-of-the-art $6M centre in Christchurch has had its official opening.

Located near Burwood Hospital, the centre in Christchurch replaces the old one which Peke Waihanga Board Chair George Reedy describes as being “no longer fit for purpose” and that a facility was required that was “empowering and one that the people we care for deserve”.

Photo: The interior of the new Christchurch Centre features a tree-like structure in the patient waiting area.

A feature of the new building is the stylized tree in the reception area. Peke Waihanga Cultural Advisor Ken Te Tau says the tree represents the legend of Tane Mahuta who, through his persistence and determination, provides inspiration for amputees because he boldly and bravely “pushed onwards and upwards to allow light into the world and lifeforms to flourish”. It also represents Peke Waihanga determination to “move heaven and earth to support our amputees and patient community to achieve independent and productive lives”.

Photo: Peke Waihanga Cultural Advisor, Ken Te Tau, proudly stands amongst attendees at the opening event.

Board Chair Mr Reedy commended the Government for funding the centre saying that regionally the centre is part of the ongoing revitalisation of the community and nationally it sends a positive message to amputees and whānau needing orthotic support. “The services we provide are world class and now we have the building that says that too,” he says.

Local amputee Mark Bruce says the “purpose-built centre will positively change service delivery for amputees” especially since it had been built with design input from both staff and amputees ensuring it has a user-focus.

Photo: Amputee Mark Bruce visits his prosthetists at the new centre, enjoying the new facilities.

Peke Waihanga physiotherapist Kate May says patients are really enjoying the centre’s warm and modern space. “We often hear ‘wow’ from the patients when they walk in and see the tree and the reception area. As a health professional it’s a lovely space to work,” she says.

Photo: The new facility includes a modern amputee rehabilitation space.