The lanyard suspension system uses a cord or strap attached to the bottom of a silicon, gel or urethane liner.

The cord or strap is fed through an opening in the bottom of the socket then fixes securely to the outside of the socket. This system makes it fairly easy to draw the stump into the socket.

The lanyard system makes it reasonable easy for the amputee or caregiver to don a prosthesis when the amputee is in a seated position.


  • Simple
  • Reliable
  • Inexpensive
  • Reduces socket rotation
  • Minimizes pistoning within the socket.
  • Very secure suspension
  • Prosthesis can be donned while sitting
  • Usually used for transfemoral applications


  • Requires some dexterity and strength to use
  • User must wear some type of liner
  • Liner may not be easy to don
  • Less cosmetic

Common Components