The ability to wear footwear with different heel heights is important to some amputees. A foot with a variable heel height can also be beneficial when walking up or down hill.

This category of feet allows the user to freely customize the heel height without the need for special tools. In other respects these feet are similar to the multiaxial or dynamic response feet they are closely related to.

Some computerized versions automatically sense the heel height of the footwear and automatically adjust to suit.


  • Heel height can be easily modified.
  • Reasonably durable.
  • Improved function compared to SACH / Single Axis feet.
  • Suited to medium activity levels.


  • Heavier than feet with otherwise similar function.
  • Generally intolerant of immersion in water.
  • Less energy return that dynamic response feet.
  • May have an upper weight limit.
  • Higher cost (especially computerized models).

Common Components

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