Prosthetic Technicians work under the direction of the Clinical Prosthetist and share responsibilities for the manufacture of artificial limbs. They may also be assigned repair and maintenance work. Prosthetic Technicians don't usually have direct contact with patients.

What you will do

Prosthetic Technicians need to be competent in the handling of tools and specialised machines used in the manufacture of artificial limbs (prostheses).

The Prosthetic Technician manufactures the artificial limb from:

  • casts
  • technical prescriptions and;
  • measurements taken by the Clinical Prosthetist.

Many different techniques are used, and a wide variety of materials such as thermosetting and thermoforming plastics, metal, fabrics and leather.

Skills and knowledge

A qualification is not required for this position. Technicians receive internal training and support to become proficient in the role. Peke Waihanga also supports Technicians to attend external workshops and training events as appropriate.

However, this career choice would appeal to individuals with

  • good manual skills; experience working with a range of tools and materials
  • experience in arts or design and an eye for detail
  • a background in maths and/or health sciences


There are currently no courses available to train as a Prosthetic Technician in New Zealand. 

However, the following universities do offer degree courses in Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc) – Auckland University of Technology and Massey University.



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