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Our name


We are (Start of Maori pronunciation) Peke Waihanga (End of Maori pronunciation). Our name represents the making, creating and innovating we do to support a person's limb.

This name is central to our purpose of caring for the amputee community. It also has a transferrable meaning that supports our evolution into other related ventures.

Our name represents our entire organisation and all of the work we do across prosthetics, orthotics and peer support. Today, we proudly operate through three brands that include 'Peke Waihanga' in their names.


Our brands


Peke Waihanga Artificial Limb Service

The Artificial Limb Service is a specialty healthcare provider focusing on the needs of amputees. Our services include clinical assessment, prosthetic manufacturing, rehabilitation, and limb care.


Peke Waihanga Orthotic Service 

Our Orthotic Service provides clinical assessment, consultation and treatment relating to limb support, mobility and care. We specialise in the fitting, making and use of orthoses. To learn more, visit our Orthotic Service website.


Peke Waihanga Peer Support Service 

Our Peer Support Service provides informal support to those adapting to limb loss. We match individuals with trained supporters who have been there and done that. Our supporters can relate to those in a similar situation to themselves. To learn more, visit our Peer Support Service website.


Our brand symbol and its meaning


The values of Peke Waihanga

This illustration symbolises our organisation. We made it through many consultations with our kaimahi (staff), patients and cultural advisors. It represents who we are and what we do.

Each part of the illustration was carefully chosen and put in place to reflect the relationship between our people, the variety of Mahi (work) we do, and the aspirations we have for our tūroro (patients).

In this illustration:

  • our staff (represented by the hand) are weavers who can skillfully transform, create or action
  • their creations or offers (represented by the kete or basket) are gifts that have been crafted from strong and renewing foundations (represented by the flax bush)
  • these gifts promote new growth and beginnings (represented by the growing fern)

By bringing these elements together, we can inspire and remind our staff of the positive, far-reaching, impact our actions have.


Our values


Our organisation has four values at its core:


Peke Waihanga - (Start of Maori pronunciation) Peke (End of Maori pronunciation) refers to the limb, while (Start of Maori pronunciation) Waihanga (End of Maori pronunciation) refers to the act of making. Together, these words come to mean 'to make, innovate and create for the limb'.

Manaaki - (Start of Maori pronunciation) Manaaki (End of Maori pronunciation) refers to the act of being hospitable, protective and respectful toward others. For us, it means to care for all people and that everyone is welcomed and accepted.

Pūmanawa - (Start of Maori pronunciation) Pūmanawa (End of Maori pronunciation) refers to talent and the concept of a beating heart. In our organisation, we associate Pūmanawa with our staff and strive to weave together their potential. Our people are at the heart of our organisation.

Ringa - (Start of Maori pronunciation) Ringa (End of Maori pronunciation) refers to the hand. We associate hands with valuable qualities like hard work, leadership, experience, and skill. In our organisation, a hand represents a person as an individual contributor to the processes of innovation and creation.


Through our strategic themes, we expand on our four values by relating them to the areas of:

  • equity
  • service
  • the expert workforce; and
  • technology/research and development.


Peke Strategic themes


Our values and strategic themes have a relationship that brings depth and purpose to our organisation.