Sean Gray

Chief Executive

Sean Gray is a successful leader with a passion for life and helping others. He has held various senior positions in different industries, including CEO of Peke Waihanga/Artificial Limb Service and Managing Director of the Peer Support Service and Orthotic Service. Sean also has experience in governance, including serving as Board and National Council Chair of Scouts Aotearoa, Director of Ginan Biomedic, Expert Advisor on the Major Trauma panel for the Health Quality, Safety Commission and a member of the Serious Injury Panel at the ACC and President of The Rocks Chamber of Commerce, Sydney.  

Sean has a strong background in health, medical devices and services to vulnerable patient groups, with a particular focus on innovation and disruptive technologies in this field. For example, Sean has chaired several sessions at the Australian Orthotics & Prosthetic Association (AOPA) Congress, as well as presented and published scientific research in the area of medical devices, prosthetic and orthotic service delivery, health consumer user satisfaction, and improving patient outcomes through technology adoption. 

Additionally, Sean has also presented at various international conferences, authored or co-authored several scientific publications and posters on the topic of diabetes. 

Sean holds several qualifications, including a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Applied Science. His success is based on bringing people together to achieve a common purpose. 

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Jeremy Speight

Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy joined our National Office team in May 2016.

Jeremy is a Chartered Accountant with a Business Advisory background through KPMG.  Since leaving KPMG, Jeremy has spent the major part of his career working in the private sector, which has given him a strong commercial background. Jeremy has a passion for working alongside organisations as a trusted business partner.

As Chief Financial Officer, Jeremy provides financial, analytical, governance and operational guidance to Peke Waihanga to ensure scarce resources are utilised in the most effective manner and to provide the foundations for a world class patient-centred service delivery across New Zealand.

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Sarah Maguire

Human Resources and Communications Manager

Sarah has a background in recruitment & generalist HR in the health sector, having extensive experience recruiting health professionals internationally and providing generalist HR support in not-for-profit organisations.

She joined Peke Waihanga in 2019 as a Recruitment and Projects Advisor and then became a Human Resources Advisor in 2021. Over this time, she supported and led Peke Waihanga’s recruitment, onboarding and HR processes through a time of significant growth.  

In 2023 Sarah became Human Resources and Communications Manager, with a broader purpose of leading the HR and Communications function within Peke Waihanga. She enjoys her role focusing on creating a positive work environment, attracting and retaining talented employees, ensuring our leaders are well supported and peer support is a respected and well-used element of our service. Sarah appreciates the challenges and rewards of working in an organisation that is continually changing and evolving, and supporting our kaimahi through this journey.

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Kim Moore

Health and Safety Advisor

Kim joined Peke Waihanga in 2018 and has supported the organisation’s business planning process, recruitment, and peer support programme.

Since 2020, she has focussed on continually improving our health and safety systems to support our teams and patients around New Zealand. Kim’s vision is to weave health and safety into everything we do here at Peke Waihanga.

Kim has a background in quality systems, having extensive experience at a large multinational pharmaceutical company.  She holds a science degree from Massey University and a NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. 

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Stephanie Shennan

Northern Regional Manager

Stephanie has a nursing background spending most of her career in health management and leadership roles with experience in both service delivery and development including co-design.

Having joined the organisation in October 2018 she is excited to be working in such a dynamic environment with highly skilled staff who are all focused on ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients.  

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Penny Hanning

Central Regional Manager

Penny joined the Peke Waihanga team as the central regional manager in April 2023. Penny has an extensive healthcare career, commencing as a registered nurse.  Over the last 10 years, she worked in many private and public sector organisations to lead and deliver projects to improve service design and delivery.  She is analytical and has an ability to swiftly understand complex problems, identify core issues and instil confidence to bring about practical solutions.

Penny loves the diversity of the Peke Waihanga whānau. Penny likes that staff and patients come from all walks of life, often from different countries and cultures. All of these come together to generate positive health-enriching outcomes – She says, ‘it’s pretty special’.

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Matthias Blattner

Southern Regional Manager

Matthias Blattner is a German-trained Orthopaedietechnik Meister, certified Orthotist and Prosthetist with more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing and fitting artificial limbs.

Matthias has worked for various companies in Germany, first as a Technician and then as a Clinical Orthotist and Prosthetist. He joined Peke Waihanga as a Clinical Prosthetist and was appointed as Southern Regional Manager in August 2016.

Matthias wants to make a significant contribution to Peke Waihanga.

He has an absolute commitment to the best possible care for our patients and a passionate interest in improving the service.

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